The year was 1991...
a fellow classmate told me a simple joke:

A bear just finished taking a dump in the forest when a rabbit hopped up to he bear and asked, “Does poop ever stick to your fur when you take a dump?” The Bear grabbed the rabbit by the neck, wiped his ass with him and replied, “Nope.”

After hearing the joke, I decided to draw it out in the form of a comic strip and pass it around the class for fun. My fellow 8th grade, like-minded classmates found it amusing enough to pass along my work outside of class.

What was originally handed off as a clean sheet of paper came back to me several days later tattered, worn and folded 7 ways to Sunday. I was inspired to create another comic, this time an original piece.

These first 2 comics were the initial steps towards building a dynasty later to be known as Bear and Rabbit. This cartell of underground comics became my youth’s work and is here for you to read and enjoy.


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